Waikaka Rugby Club has been around for 120 years. We are a proud Country Rugby Club and have been playing in the Southland Club Competition Grades from the beginning including Premiere Division 1 , 2 and 3 and School Boy Rugby. We currently have a team competing in the Premiere Grade of the Southland Competition along with another Senior Team completing in the Division 1B Competition. We also have a strong young school kid team that plays every Saturday morning.

Waikaka RFC can not operate without a trusting committee working behind the scenes these people are;
Club President - Jason Cleland 
Vice President - Willie Hewitson
Junior Vice President - Matthew McBain
Secretary - Leigh Bolger 
Treasurer - Phil Clement 
Bar Manager - Peter Corcoran
School Boy Convener - Matt McCall
Craig Winsloe    
Peter McRae 
Alex Peirce
Tom Hewitson  
Trent Brown
Shane Cleland 
Steve Hastie


"Rugby is not just a sport, It’s a way of life"

Our Mission

Our Mission is to give young rugby players around the Waikaka district the chance to play age group or senior rugby. Waikaka RFC is a great place to not only play rugby but to build life long friendships and offer opportunities to young rugby players not only in Gore but all over the world.


Our Vision

Our vision is to keep the true spirit of grass-roots rugby alive and well in the Waikaka Community, and continue to provide the opportunity for many future generations to come.

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